Positive Women – Negative Nightly News and Stress Or Laughing Yourself Into Peaceful Sleep?

Would you rather go to bed with fear and stress over the negative nightly news or laugh yourself into peaceful sleep? Tonight, I saw the female news anchors cringe more than twice during their reports. Simply watching the news before bed to get the weather forecast can be detrimental to our sleep, revisitall feeling of safety and positive attitude and outlook. After all, how can we sleep peacefully when the first eight stories we just watched were about murders, sexual assaults and disasters? A few things come to mind here:


  1. These stories are important to be aware of for your own safety. Knowledge is power if you use it.
  2. If you don’t know what is going on, it’s impossible to be part of the solution. Being up to date is beneficial unless it is at the expense of your mental health.
  3. My friend, a former news reporter, is unfortunately right when he says the crime stories are why most people watch the news or they wouldn’t be the top stories. News programs have to get ratings to stay on the air and they must attract viewers in the same way a car accident attracts rubber-neckers. That’s what we called them when I was a Paramedic and they got in our way.
  4. You absorb and “sleep on” what you saw and heard last. Wouldn’t it feel better to go to sleep with peaceful or funny thoughts instead thoughts of fear and pain?

The nightly news is particularly detrimental to watch because it comes at a time when you are winding down from your day and need to be writing in your journal a few lines or short list of what you did well today and what you are grateful for. Writing puts your mind to rest and clears your head before going to sleep. Adding negative, scary or tragic stories to the mix at a time when most women are extra sensitive can wreak havoc on a peaceful night’s sleep.


Other places and methods to get the news:


  1. Online, during the day when you are feeling strong. When you feel weakened or tired is a dangerous time to watch the news. Women are sensitive and this is good except when we absorb negativity.
  2. Social marketing sites where you will get quick news and probably opinions about it as well. You can check out Twitter for your news fix “in 140 characters or less.” For more info please visit these sites:- https://www.thewikibiz.com/
  3. Commercial breaks during a show like “Dr. Laura” that may be helpful before and after the negative news

Two things you can do instead of watching negative nightly news before bed to maintain your positive attitude and outlook and sleep well:



  1. Read a few paragraphs of a book that empowers you. The book I read before bed is “Ask And It Is Given.” Sometimes I read the same section each night and find that I’m quickly able to recall it during the day and put into practice what I read. I also sleep better because that book is one that reminds me that I can make a positive difference in the world. I feel empowered and emotionally healthy after I read it.
  2. Watching something funny like “America’s Funniest Home Videos” or a recording of “World’s Funniest Commercials.” You might even read a few pages of a funny book or have a tickle match with your child or significant other. Laughter is always going to give your the beginning of excellent, healthy dreams and peaceful rest. Your body needs both.

Nourish yourself, because every woman has a greater value than she will ever realize and negative nightly news has a detrimental affect on a positive woman’s attitude and outlook.

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