Does the Money News Help You? Do You See What the Money News is Doing to You?

News is making you do something. Yes it is. Are you watching the news or reading the newspapers about all this money stuff? Do you believe what those people are telling you? If you do, the news is making you do something.

The news is convincing you to beat yourself up.

It’s got you regretting that you did this or didn’t do that. It’s got you judging yourself for decisions you’ve made. It’s got you doubting about your money and your future. It’s got you complaining to everyone that will hear you. It’s got you listening to others that are complaining.

You are beating yourself up day and night, waking and sleeping.

Do you see that? You’re mad at yourself. You should have seen this coming. You should have made this or that move. Or, you shouldn’t have made this or that move. The news has you coming and going.

Negativity will never let you be right whatever you do.

You’re irritated, you’re annoyed, you’re bleeping angry. And, who is the brunt of all that? Take a look. It’s YOU. You might as well go out in the alley and get a big stick, bring it in the house and start beating yourself over the head with it. Well, that’s what you’re doing. You’re beating yourself up.

The news has you beating yourself up.

You won’t like me saying this, but the news people are playing you like a drum. Sure they are. They started this whole thing by scaring people who then started to beat themselves up. And, millions have taken the elevator down.

That’s what happens. Check it out for yourself. Every time anything goes wrong, you beat yourself up. You lose your watch. Beat yourself up. You get caught in a traffic jam. Beat yourself up. Your dog dies. Beat yourself up. And, right now, the news has you scared about your money and your future. Beat yourself up. For more info please visit these sites:-

How does it help you solve anything by beating yourself up? 

Of course, it does not. And, who is doing it? You are. You’re beating yourself up and getting more and more negative, less and less able to see your way out of this mess. So, if you’re doing it and it doesn’t help you then you have to make a decision. The decision is simple.

Stop beating yourself up.

Watch for it all the time all day all night. When you see it just stop it. Do that and you will begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. You will see yourself less and less interested in negative news. You will stop letting the news push you around. And, you will stop beating yourself up.

You will see yourself getting more and more positive, and more and more positive, money, love, happiness will begin to come your way. Try it. You’ll like it.


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