Leftist Cable TV News Interview So-Called Experts Who Keep Saying – I Think – Before Speaking

The leftist FAKE NEWS and socialist propaganda has hit an all-time high. Their strategies so obvious now that even a low-IQ, millennium with the attention span of a gnat can see faster than a Google search which brings back 4.5 million items to your query in 0.0054183710391 seconds – don’t believe me – search Fake News and see for yourself why don’t you?

Here’s how it works. The leftist media gets together to attack President Donald Trump, blows something out of proportion, embellishes his comments, calls him a racist and then interviews semi-prominent people who wish to get on TV and asks them; Do you think Donald Trump is a racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamaphobe, sexist or liar? Then, the guest being interviewed gives us their Opinion based on their echo chamber mindset. Then the media repeats with lesser known, often obscure folks, those who happen to want their 3-minutes of fame and represent some leftist organization that sounds neutral. Then the interviewee once again states the same talking point. For more info please visit these sites:- creditcana.com

Still, every time media brings on a guest interviewee, after interviewing themselves, reporters on TV, the interviewees start their sentences with; “I think” and then go on to trash Trump, and the reporters never question their comments, only agree with them in one big happy Kumbaya moment. The funny thing here is we don’t have to ask what someone “Thinks” who is from the Center for Progress of America, or the Sustainable Equality Institute for Women. We already know they hate Trump, marched against them, perhaps even broke the law somewhere rioting?

When the news media interviews someone who has a leftist bias, and they say they “Think” well that’s not saying much, because if they repeat the same old talking points, they are not thinking at all. And, to that point, no one on the left or right probably cares much about what they think. This isn’t news, newsworthy or even relevant to the reality of life on Earth. All it does is give media status and fame where it isn’t due and hasn’t been earned.

It is rather illuminating as to why the left-wing media is losing ground, profits and viewership these days. It also goes to show us why no one trusts cable TV news anymore. At best it is entertainment, and a feel-good programming to support one’s view of the world, and that is the only good thing one can say on it. Please think on this, no, really consider it all.


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