Table Tennis Blades and Rubbers – Overview of Butterfly Brand

This article is a summary of the most notable / special rubbers and blades from the Butterfly brand. This is not meant to promote or criticize the brand or products in any way, mycarscent it’s simply a summary of opinions on the more famous and highly regarded products of the brand.

Butterfly is one of the most famous and largest table tennis equipment manufacturers in the world. Established in 1950 in Japan, They have developed into one of the market leaders, akunprorusia with high quality products, although with higher price-tags to match. They have many factories producing their products, including several rubber factories Japan, Germany and China, and blade factories in Japan, Hungary and China. semar128

One of the reasons the Butterfly is so well known is marketing and information…there are few others who put in the same effort and have the same budget. All the information is of great benefit to users, and is a credit to the company. Although a lot of the products are very good, some or no better than those made by some other manufacturer, verduurzamendeurne often made in the same factory, but it’s the marketing and promotion that turns people to Butterfly. Most people can find a suitable blade and rubbers from several of the major manufacturers, spintenniscoach but it’s often personal preference or brand loyalty that drives them to this brand. Of course this is the same for several of the other major brands. antminet

After talking to many people, and getting lots of great feedback from people on the online table tennis forums, I’ve summarised the most popular Butterfly rubbers and blades below. Although the popularity can be biassed by marketing and availability, there are some that many agree on to be great products, ufa88myanmar so there must be something to it…

Butterfly Rubbers:

Sriver – probably the most famous of all rubbers, that has stood the test of time and is still commonly used in modern days, even after several decades since it was released. This rubber is suitable for all levels, where thinner sponges are usually used for more control at the lower levels and they rubbers are speed glued at higher level for extra crosstrainer-kaufen performance.

Other Sriver variants (Sriver EL, FX, G2, G2-FX) Building on the great reputation of sriver, several other variants have been developed over the years. The FX and particularly the EL have also enjoyed great success, the G2 and G2-FX are more recent and have not been quite as popular, partially due to the wide range of similar rubbers now on the market. askanadviser

Bryce series – Bryce and Bryce FX are without a doubt two of the most popular choices for offensive players at higher levels, especially where speed glue is used. Many (but not all) agree that this rubber needs to be speed glue to really make it come alive, so with the upcoming ban, it may lose some of it’s popularity. The Bryce Speed, Bryce Speed FX are an attempt to modify the rubber to make it more usable without speed glue, but opinions on this are mixed.

The new Tenergy 05 has been creating a bit of stir lately as the latest glue-free offensive rubber, but it’s a little too early to tell how successful it will be. Other offensive rubbers worth noting are the Tackifire C, Cermet and Catapult which have been successful for some people, but don’t stand out as much as the ones above. The Raystorm is one of the more popular short pimple rubber. sgmytrips

For the more all-round or defensive styles, there are the Tackiness C and D, which were very popular for many years and still used by some people today. The Feint Long II and III are their more popular long pimples, but have not had a huge following. The Super Anti appears to be one of the more highly regarded anti-spin rubbers out there, but with only a small percentage of players playing with these types of rubbers these days, we tend not to hear much about it. With the frictionless long pimple ban now in place, this rubber may well make a comeback.


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